Best Casino-Based Movies of All Time

Visiting the world of movies will take you through multiple layers. The various genres attract you most to that luxurious space of dreams, and casino movies have always brought thrill and drama to the table. To talk about movies related to casinos means going down the memory lane to pick more than a hundred flicks. If you are a fan of movies and looking to venture into gambling, not all movies based on casinos can help you. Only the top names on the list can guide you through some realities and ultimate fiction. Although many films have exaggerated the scope of owning a casino as one of the most profitable businesses, multiple productions that followed had a different take on the concept. Let us look at some of the best gambling movies in the history of cinema.

1.     Casino

Martin Scorsese is a name that appears on screen only when content is king. This legend has helmed plenty of movies over the past four decades, and ‘Casino’ is a big title that the audience remembers even today. Mob-controlled casino gambling in Las Vegas is a concept people loved to watch in those days as the culture was only percolating slowly. For all the viewers who lived in the fictional world, ‘Casino’ was a treat with the splendid performances from Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. When the charm of Sharon Stone was added to the film, a magical movie was made to go down as a great creation in the history of cinema. Although the working of casinos has been conveniently engineered to add the element of thrill, the real establishments do not have mafia or mob involved when it comes to dealing with the gamblers.

2.     Casino Royale

Tuxedos, cards, and guns are an excellent combination to set the screen on fire. When it was further adorned with the stoic expressions of Daniel Craig, the longest franchise in Hollywood got one of the best movies in decades. Slick action scenes are the thrilling element of Bond movies, but the slow take on the issue at hand with a tinge of gambling made the audiences hoot in enthusiasm. Monte Carlo witnesses the showdown between 007 and Le Chiffre. With her undying charisma, the scrumptious Eva Green added layers and flavor to the already sumptuous plot.

3.     The Sting

Two con men taking down a casino can be a treat to watch, and Paul Newman and Robert Redford, with their panache, made ‘The Sting’ one of the most memorable casino-based movies. The beginner and professional combo target a criminal boss in their new endeavor. They head towards casinos to gamble their fortune into capturing the boss. Not many gambling movies have as many twists and thrills as in this. Both the protagonists go through multiple challenges to reach their target, and this journey is an excellent suspense-filled thriller. Casinos are given a unique approach in ‘The Sting’ with the con angle, making the experience all the more fun.

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