Sports Betting: Is It Unethical Or Beneficial

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Sports Betting sportbook Malaysia is the practice of having money at stake on the outcome of any sports event or non-athletic event, the result of which decides if the stakeholder earned profit over his stake or bore loss. It is a practice that is considered immoral and undesirable. Nevertheless, it doesn’t fail to accomplish the title of debate and is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide. It is a practice that plays its role in almost all kinds of games and also spreads its legs to non-athletic fields like award ceremonies and talent hunts. In the world, countries such as England, France, America, Australia, Canada and many more allow betting in some cities, whereas in some countries, it is illegal. In India, it is illegal except in horse-racing.

 Betting and Match Fixing

Match Fixing is the practice of dishonestly fixing the result of a sports event to ensure in advance the results of the bets placed on the match yet to be played. In a way, it is sports betting that triggers the practice of match-fixing and spot-fixing. This is not the case every time, but it is safe to say that betting and fixing go hand in hand. The amount placed on the bets acts as a driving force to give rise to such practices, which undoubtedly attack the originality and genuine nature of the sport.

Legal or illegal: What should be recommended?

The conflict which arises in the context of betting is whether it should be made legal or not. This was never-ending conflict had made every critic comment on it. Both aspects have factors that affect this decision.

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Factors which favor the legalization of betting

  • If betting was to be made legal, the government could generate millions as revenue by imposing certain taxes and limitations.
  • Through this revenue generated, the country can reinvest in sports, which are underrated and improve its ranking in that sport at an international level.
  • The employment rate will improve as legalization will give birth to jobs.
  • With the help of technology and systematic tracking, the people who were involved in practices like match-fixing can come to light.
  • A major point that makes a difference is that it is a known fact that betting is in practice. It is just behind the curtain. It might just be beneficial for the government to make it legal and generate revenue out of it.

Factors which are unfavorable to the legalisation of betting

  • It makes the sport lose its authentic touch and makes it look like just another scam.
  • Sports enthusiasts lose all interest and thrill in watching their favorite sport as there is no genuineness left in it.
  • Moral and ethical reasons always stand as a strong point in this conflict.
  • It is difficult for the government to make sure all the conditions imposed by it on legalization are followed lawfully.

In a nutshell, it can be said that sports betting online sport betting Malaysia holds many aspects that need to be taken into consideration before any decision could be made on it becoming legal or illegal in any country. Also, the moral and ethical aspects of the conflict can’t be ignored.




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